Working artist studio located in the heart of Liberty Station.

Hi - I'm Ellen Shorey and I have been painting as long as I can remember.  In 2015 I was able to turn my passion for painting into a business and I signed a lease for my art studio, EAS Art Studio.  

I paint exclusively with acrylic because I find it easier to work with, safer for the environment, and dries quickly allowing me to paint multiple layers in the same day.  I paint on mixed media such as canvas and wood. 

I began drawing and painting while serving in the Navy as a WAVE in the 1960's. After the military I worked as a systems administrator at Bon Appetite magazine, showed dogs at dog shows and followed other interesting pursuits but throughout my life, art has been a therapeutic refuge.

I would describe my artistic style as contemporary abstract.  I enjoy hearing people's perspectives when analyzing my paintings - different people see different things.  I get my inspiration everywhere.  When I walk down the street I'm usually drawn to patterns in nature and geometric shapes.  I notice the sidewalk lines, fallen leaves, fences, cobblestones...  I snap a picture of anything that inspires me that later could be transformed into a painting.  Other times, I will start a painting with a "free spirit" and halfway through I will decide the direction I will go.  

I am one of the dozens of working artists that call the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station home.  Wednesday through Sunday you can find me, paintbrush in hand and my therapy dog Bobby by my side.  We love visitors.  Please come by and say hi anytime and see my latest artwork!


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